• Designed to provide communicative competence in oral and written Twi.
  • Designed for native and non-native speakers.
  • Focuses on the structure of the language as well as the culture of the people.
  • Areas include:

– oral drills
– Orthography
– written exercises
– translation
– reading and comprehension
– conversation and narration involving dialogues.
– greetings
– description of day-to-day activities
– Grammar (parts of speech) & composition writing.
– Study of Akan ethnic groups in Ghana
– History of the Akans
– Dos and don’ts in Akan cultures
– Time periods, greetings, and responses.
– Historical sites in Ghana
– Twi pronouns and common verbs
– Basic phrases and common nouns
– Naming ceremonies among the various Akan ethnic groups
– Significance of names given to babies.
– Puberty rites
– Traditional marriages
– Common adinkra symbols and their meanings
– History of kente and the significance of various kente designs
– Funeral rites of the Akans