• To build and improve business communication skills
  • To activate learned grammar structure and business vocabulary
  • To enhance business presentation skills of students.
  • To prepare students for bilingual careers including business management, law, marketing, human resources management, banking & finance, accountancy, information technology and aviation.


The training includes:

  • Planning and writing effective reports
  • Writing professional letters and memoranda
  • Giving a winning presentation\Effective oral skills
  • Writing of minutes of meetings
  • Preparation of CVs
  • Developing negotiation skills
  • Self-study activities including listening, speaking and pronunciation
  • Promotion of participation and collaboration among students during small group discussions.
  • Discussions on professional and business related topics.


SHEDULE: 6 hours weekly, weekdays or weekends



Registration Fee: 15.000 FCFA/US$30


Tuition Fees:

  • 4 Weeks: 50.000 FCFA/US$100
  • 8 Weeks: 100.000 FCFA/US$200
  • 12 weeks: 150.000 FCFA/US$300



Registration Fee: US$30 or 15.000 FCFA

Tuition Fee: US$20 per hour

*Examinations are held at the end of each session and certificates are issued to students.

*Special packages for groups are available on request.