ACE School of Languages organises English language immersion courses. The aim of this is to give students a sound grounding in a language of their choice. Internships are arranged for students who seek the opportunity to work in an Anglophone environment. Classes are organised for individuals and groups of five or more persons. The courses are spilt into four durations, of which you can choose one:

  • One week
  • Two weeks
  • Three weeks
  • Four weeks
There Are Two Categories Of Immersion Courses:


AIM: To give students English within a short period.

INTERNSHIPS: Internships can be arranged for students.

LEVELS: Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

DURATION: One week, Two weeks, Three weeks & Four weeks




One-on-one Tuition – Four hours daily, Monday-Friday

Registration:    15.000 FCFA ($30)

Tuition:            75.000 FCFA($150) Weekly

Textbooks:         40.000 FCFA ($80)


Groups of Five or More Students – Four hours daily, Monday-Friday

Registration:   15.000 FCFA ($30)

Tuition:           50.000 FCFA ($100) Weekly

Textbooks:         40.000 FCFA ($80)


  • WEEKEND PROGRAMS (Saturday & Sunday, 4 or 8 weeks, 4 hours per day)

One-on-One Tuition:

Registration Fee:                     15.000 FCFA/US$30

Tuition Fee (4 weeks):             150.000 FCFA/US$ 300

Tuition Fee (8 weeks):             300.000 FCFA/US$ 600

Textbooks :                              40.000 FCFA/US$80


Group of 5 or more Students:

Registration Fee:                     15.000 FCFA/US$30

Tuition Fee (4 weeks):             100.000 FCFA/US $200

Tuition Fee (8 weeks):             200.000 FCFA/US $400

Textbooks :                              40.000 FCFA/US$80

Executive English Courses for Business Community:  

ACE School of Languages has an executive immersion course, geared towards those in the business  and professional community. The course aims to provide a world class introduction to the English Language, whilst providing a conducive environment for the professional community to work together and network.  The courses run for the various durations as indicated above.

Please note that fees once paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

2.REGULAR IMMERSION/PROGRAM WITH INTERNSHIP – Internship, 8am-4pm and Evening Classes 6pm-8pm.


One-on-one Tuition

Registration:    15.000 FCFA ($30)

Tuition:                 75.000 FCFA ($150) Weekly

Textbooks:         40.000 FCFA ($80)


Groups of Five or More Students

Registration:      15.000 FCFA ($30)

Tuition:                 50.000 FCFA ($100) Weekly

Textbooks:         40.000 FCFA ($80)



This course is geared towards those in the business and professional community.

PROGRAMS : Programs include Business English, English for Secretaries, English for Aviation, English for Lawyers, English for Bankers, English for Accountants, English for Human Resources Managers & English for Diplomats. Additional immersion programs are available on request.

Fees – Executive Immersion, One on One

Registration:      15.000 FCFA ($30)

Tuition:                 150.000 FCFA ($300) Weekly

Textbooks:         40.000 FCFA ($80)


Fees – Executive Immersion, Groups of 5 or More Persons
Registration:      15.000 FCFA ($30)

Tuition:                 100.000 FCFA ($200) Weekly

Textbooks:         40.000FCFA ($80)


Exams are held at the end of each session and certificates are awarded.

Immersion Courses Organised For Institutions

Ace School of Languages (Ace) organises special immersion courses for institutions to meet their specific needs. Such institutions include companies, non-governmental organisations, churches and educational institutions. In such cases, the organisation involved signs a memorandum of understanding with Ace, outlining the specific nature of the immersion courses to be provided..

Immersion Course For Students Of Supdeco,Senegal

In August 2014 and August 2015, Ace School of Languages signed a memorandum of association with GROUPE ECOLE SUPERIEURE DE COMMERCE DE DAKAR (SUPDECO) and organised a 4 week immersion course for eight students of SUPDECO, Senegal. They did an internship with a company in Accra from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm daily and had English classes for two hours in the evenings. Due to the success of the program, arrangements are being made for more groups of students to pursue immersion courses at Ace.