To prepare students for IELTS, for admission to English speaking universities, especially UK universities and immigration to English speaking countries.


The program includes:

  • Self-study activities including listening, speaking and pronunciation
  • Promotion of participation and collaboration among students during small group discussions.
  • Discussions on topics including family and friends, buying goods, work, health, leisure, education/training, transport, housing and weather.


Schedule: 6 hours weekly



Registration Fee: 15.000 FCFA/US$30


Tuition Fees:

4 weeks, 6 hours weekly: 40.000FCFA/US$80

8 weeks, 6 hours weekly: 80.000FCFA/US$160

12 weeks, 6 hours weekly: 120.000FCFA/US$240



Registration Fee: US$30 or 15.000 FCFA

Tuition Fee: US$20 per hour


*Special packages for groups are available on request.vailable on request.