• Planning and writing effective reports:  Many people do not have to write reports on regular basis and so when asked to complete one may find the task daunting. By thinking through your everyday actions you may find that you are offering shorts reports more often than you realized. You may have given a written report to a colleague who missed a meeting. Managers may ask for further particulars or opinions on a work related problem to help them make decisions. You may have to make a regular written report of facts or figures for another department. Have you given a verbal report on a book or film to a friend? The term report covers a wider area than we may have considered.
  • Writing professional letters and memoranda: Deciding when to use written communication over other forms needs to be considered carefully. Business letters can cost more than communications such as email or a phone call, but sometimes are the best form of communication for the job. A piece of written communication can be used to send information to back-up or prepare for a phone call or meeting.
  • Giving a winning presentation\Effective oral skills: Although we may not often be required to speak in public, having the knowledge of how to do so will give you confidence should the situation arise. Whilst you can learn techniques the best way to increase your skills is to practice. This doesn’t have to be in a formal settings. Just take any opportunity offered you. If you are asked to chair a meeting, give a small presentation to few colleagues or even just say a few words at the start of a meeting, seize the opportunity. The more you can practice the more your confidence will increase and when a more formal public speaking event comes up, you will be prepared.
  • Writing of minutes of meetings: An effective chair has a number of tasks to perform to ensure that an efficient and effective meeting takes place. They need to keep in mind the task set for the meeting and the group dynamics that they need to manage.


NB: Whatever form of communication we are engaged in, whether writing or speaking; imparting information, offering an explanation, trying to educate , convince or amuse , there are four main objectives that we must be aware of. Failing in any of those objectives will lead to failure to communicate properly and effectively.


  • Group of 5 or more persons, Weekdays or weekends, 4 weeks, 3 days per week, 6 hours weekly

Registration fee:                  GHC 98

Tuition fee:                             GHC 500

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  • One-on-One Tuition

                  Registration Fee:                 GHC98

                  Tuition Fee:                            GHC40 per hour

  • Home Tuition

Registration Fee:                 GHC 98

Tuition Fee:                            GHC 80 per hour

Examinations are held at the end of each session and certificates are issued to students.